Fire Safety Audits

IMPACTTM (IF&S) is here at your service of providing Fire Safety Audits with the help of our technology and know-how in this field. The company has been in the fire fighting industry for last 15 years and has gained an unmatched level of appreciation in these years. With the rising cases of fire outbreaks across the country, it naturally becomes an aspect of major attention and necessary to have robust fire safety equipments.

One must understand the urgent need of coping with fire safety norms which do not merely mean buying and installing common fire equipment like Fire Extinguisher, Fire Alarm, Sign Boards, etc., but should also have the operational knowledge so that in an event of a fire, the equipment can be used to safe precious human life and property. Fire Safety Audits are given less importance in a country like India, as people presume it as a costly affair.

IMPACTTM (IF&S) brings you an opportunity to conduct Fire Safety Audits economically. The company has great experience in conducting several successful audits and has put checks in places like educational institutions, hotels, hospitals, medical organizations, manufacturing industries to make them safer. IF&S recommended changes have been proven to make all these places safer to work and saved them from the perils of fire incidents.

A large number of people are misinformed of the fact that Fire Safety Audits are nothing but a fancy affair to spend money on. We are here to guide you through your journey of turning your space into a safer one by installing the required equipment and removing the unnecessary fire fighting devices, in case they are found to be unfit.

IMPACTTM adheres to the guidelines of Fire Safety Audits provided as per the National Building Codes (NBC). We, during the conduct of fire safety audits, cope up with the various regulations in the genre of Electricity Act, Factories Act, Petroleum Act, etc. IMPACTTM is connected with various international platforms of this field and is guided by the International standard laid down by the organizations like the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA USA), Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA USA) and other international organizations.

We are here to provide reliable and economical fire safety solutions and make sure to match the international standard of Fire Safety and Protection. It is highly recommended that an organization or a private entity must go for Fire Safety Audit at least once a year. We have comes up with cost-effective solutions to fight fire outbreaks and guiding the security staff with the code of conduct to be followed at the very onset of a fire incident. We always make sure of the following things:-

  • Premise's current level of compliance.
  • Provide recommendations to bring your systems up to current standards.

We provide a detailed comprehensive report that gives our client a strategic upgrade path which can often be staged over a 5 year timeframe (hence defraying your costs).

You will also be able to reduce insurance costs by showing fire safety systems which are compliant as per the Indian and International standard and finally, it is the peace of mind for our clients that comes with knowing that they have best fire safety in their premises and which was available at reasonably cost-effective compared to other solutions available in the market.

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