Fire System Desiging and Boq Prepartion

Fire protection systems are meant to provide protection for life and property for long time till the existence of the building. Hence, design is of utmost importance to ensure optimum safety while meeting the international and national government regulations and standards.

IF&S designs the fire protection system and install them on the basis of best engineering practices and principles. We always take into account the site where it needs to be installed,the hardware that needs to be used like fire fighting and suppression system, fire alarm system etc and their eventual use in case of fire incident.

Any successful business model has to consider business plan for emergencies that could occur in future including “fire”. While aiming for a new building project design, the primary goal of the fire protection system is to safeguard people, protect property and reduce recovery time.

IF&S always keep following points in mind while creating Fire Protection System Design

1. Meeting Compliance with local / National Fire Codes

Meeting the local fire safety compliance is the legal requirement for any upcoming and existing building project. Fire codes could vary from one location to other, hence the fire safety system should achieve the above requirement.We make sure that we adhere to the guidelines and follow them to create the best design for our clients

2. Fire Detection Solution

The fire safety system design's first aim should be to provide the optimum fire detection system design and solution. Timely fire detection is of utmost importance is reducing the fire damage which is now possible with latest technologies used in intelligent fire detection /alarm systems that can be integrated to building management systems. Our fire system design are built to achieve this important aspect.

3. Fire Fighting and Fire Suppression

After fire alarm is triggered, the fire suppression needs to be activated without losing any time. Water Sprinkler System and Gas (chemical) based flooding systems are the common form of fire suppression systems used. In all these systems , optimum pressure and hydraulic calculations play the most important role so that the fire is extinguished very fast, system users (building occupants) are not harmed and the business recovery time is minimized.

4. User in Mind

Our fire protection system design always considers people in mind to achieve its aim – the design should allow occupants to evacuate promptly and safety while the fire wardens are able to fight the fire with ease and control the fire within minimum time.

5. Fire System Maintenance

No fire protection system design and installation can be successful without the regular inspection, audit and maintenance. Your fire protection installations need to be taken care of just like your body - both are equally important for the survival of man and business together. We always make that they are always in running condition.

IF&S Methodology For Preparing The Fire Protection System Design

  • Site Survey
  • Monitoring and Recording Measurement Values.
  • In Depth Analysis of Building Layout with Reference to Local/ NBC/ NFPA Applicable Standards.
  • Preparation of Fire Drawings Based on Architectural Drawings and Site Visits.
  • Recommending Solutions to Clients Considering their Applicability for Long Term.


With fire safety experience of more than 15 years across industries and facilities, our team understands the holistic requirements along with the latest principles and technologies applicable to fire safety of the structure.

Our certified and technical staff aims for system design unique to each structure with AutoCAD software, generating a 2D model for accurate placement of all components while considering their long term maintenance and shelf life.

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