Class D Fire Extinguisher (For Metal Fires)

Class D Fire Extinguisher (For Metal Fires)

  • 4kg
  • 6kg
  • 9kg

Class D fires involve burning metals. Examples of combustible metals include sodium, potassium, uranium, lithium, plutonium and calcium, with the most common Class D fires involving magnesium and titanium.

Class D fires cannot be extinguished with water or other fire extinguishing agents. Water interacts with the combustible metal intensifying the fire, increasing the heat and spreading molten metal.

A Class D fire extinguisher is used to extinguisher a combustible metal fire. The best way to extinguish these fires is by smothering them & eliminating the oxygen element. The agent also helps to absorb the heat from the fuel. Our portable class D fire extinguishers are available in 4kg, 6kg, and 9 kg capacities.

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Glow in Dark Feature: With this feature, IMPACTTM fire extinguisher is visible even in complete darkness due to power failure during fire emergency.

Easy Snap Safety Seal: Easy to pull out safety seal so the user can promptly use the fire extinguisher in emergency.

Controllable Discharge: A simple squeeze grip activation mechanism allows you to control the discharge and optimise use of the extinguishing agent.

6 Year Warranty: The 6 year Warranty shows the confidence that we have in our product.