Automatic Modular Based Fire Extinguisher

Automatic Modular Based Fire Extinguisher

  • 5kg
  • 10kg
  • 15kg

The most damaging fires usually occur in unoccupied areas or at times when no person is around-night time and holidays. Moreover in a big plant, it is not possible to keep an eye at all places all the time. Therefore, an automatic fire extinguisher installation is the only answer to round the clock fire protection in cases where fire safety costs and price budgets don’t allow the installation of complete fire fighting systems.

IF&S; modular system is simple to erect without involving costly and unsightly pipework. Automatic fire extinguishers can be provided with powder and gas based extinguishing agents. Multipurpose ABC powder based extinguisher is the answer to the safety of godowns having combustible materials whereas gas based extinguisher is required for Server Rooms, Electrical Panel Rooms, eatable material stores etc.

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IF&S; Automatic Fire Extinguishers available in capacities of 5 kg, 10 kg,15 kg and are suitable for storages and godowns of Industrial Goods, Stationery, Alcohol and other inflammables, Kitchens, Offices, Warehouses, Clean Rooms, Telecom Facilities, Server Rooms, Computer Rooms, Laboratories and other areas where normally no human being is available to put off fires or the night fires is an important concern.