Water Mist Fire Extinguisher

Water Mist Fire Extinguisher

  • 2.4kg
  • 6kg
  • 9kg

Among the latest developments in the Clean Agent fire fighting and fire suppression technology is the Water Mist fire fighting system that converts water to uniform and fine water mist. It has a large extinguishing capacity with excellent extinguishing capacity of gas-based systems and high cooling effect of water-based fire sprinkler systems. Water mist sprinkler system, as it is commonly called, is the product for the future as well as present as it ensures compatibility of fire cooling performance with environmental protection.

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IF&S; Water Mist system jets out uniform fog (with a water particle diameter of about 50 to 200 micrometer) from water mist nozzles of specified standards under high pressure of 4 to 10 Mpa. Usage of water in form of fine particles improves the fire extinguishing effect and allows application on those objects (oil fire, electric fire, etc.) which were considered difficult to extinguish with water in conventional systems.

Our Water Mist system not only has a cooling effect on fire – but it also has an Oxygen removal effect (it replaces oxygen near the fire with water vapour ), Blanket effect (the floating mist forms blanket of water) and Smoke reduction as floating smoke particles are adsorbed and settled by the fog generated by the water mist fire fighting system.

Our Water Mist Has Following Features:-

  • Causes negligible damage to facility users and infrastructure as very little water is used
  • As little water used , piping diameter is small and pipework is easy to do
  • The water mist around the flame shuts off heat radiations and prevent spread of fire
  • Oil fires and Spray fires (eg. Paint spray booths) can be easily extinguished