Fire Branch Pipe

Fire Branch Pipe

Fire branch pipe are used for focused spray of water from Fire Hydrant on the fire. Male and female delivery hose couplings are connected to the fire hoses. Couplings can be used to couple or connect together a number of hose pipes to increase the range of use and throw of water of the fire hydrant system.

IF&S; manufactures fire branch pipe and delivery hose couplings as per IS:903 standard of BIS. Our fire branch pipe and delivery hose couplings are made of gunmetal, stainless steel or aluminium across various specification requirements of the customer.

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Features of Our Fire Branch Pipe

  • ISI Markedand CE Certified
  • Available in Gun Metal, Stainless Steel Aluminum
  • Instantaneous type Male Female Couplings
  • Castings are clean, soundand free from gross porosity
  • Machined surface is within toleranceand is in accordance to IS: 903-1993
  • Coupling washers are made of natural rubber
  • Plungers are of self-locking type


Product Instantaneous Male Female coupling with pull release
Washer Rubber
Size 63 mm
Spring Stainless Steel / Phosphor
Working Pressure 15 kgf/cm2 (Bar) Maximum
Other Hydraulic Tested at 21 bar