Intelligent Addressable Fire Detection And Alarm Systems

Intelligent Addressable Fire Detection And Alarm Systems

Automatic Fire Detection is your first step in fire protection. It helps to safeguard you against natural and man-made fire disasters. Fire Detection allows opportunity to other fire fighting and protection systems and devices to come into action and safeguard the life and property of your facility.

How Our Fire Detection System Works?

Intelligent fire detection system installed by IF&S; involves triggering of fire detection system by detecting smoke, heat, flame or their combinations due to fire. It instantly conveyed the relevant information to the control panel which does the rest functions. These functions, along with visual and audio alarms, include activation of unlimited functions like switching on/off HVAC, Electrical Panels, Fire Suppression / Fire Fighting Systems, Access Control Systems, Public Address Systems, stopping all machinery in the industry and automatic lighting of Evacuation/Exit route.

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IF&S; Fire Detection And Alarm Solutions

IF&S; offers industries leading Fire Detection Solutions with variety of control panels, sensors , notification devices and IoT based programming outputs. These latest technology based fire alarm and detection systems can be integrated with automatic fire suppression systems or other BMS functions to provide you with smart and instant fire detection information wherever you may be at home or office.

Salient Features Of IF&S; Fire Detection

  • Comes with international certifications of LPCB/UL/FM/VdS/CE
  • Wide variety of systems and devices to cater to different needs
  • Solutions from one room apartments to large industries and enterprises
  • Compatible with all fire panels including leading brands like siemens, Honeywell, Notifier, EST, Apollo, System sensor, Agni, Ravel, Morley, ceasefire, Bosch, UTC, Hochiki etc.
  • Maintenance free warranty up to 5 years
  • Fire NOC compliant for all states local fire authorities

Addressable and Conventional Fire Detection & Alarm System

Conventional fire detection is an old tested technology This is a new technology of Fire Detection. Faster Response time, lower false alarm Rate, ability to self monitor health Of system
Good system for small size facilities Ideal for all facilities whether small or large
Economical in the short run with limited functionalities Economical in long term with unlimited functionalities and upgradation as per the requirement
Higher wiring cost Lower wiring cost
Suitable for Shops, Homes, Offices, Apartments, Showrooms, Vehicles, Stores, Hotels, Educational Institutes and Clinics etc. Suitable for Corporate and Industrial Projects, Malls, Shopping Centres, Cinema Halls, Hotels and Hospitals etc.

After Sales Service and Maintenance

IF&S; specializes in offering customized annual maintenance contracts (AMC) as per the budget and requirement of the client for conventional and intelligent addressable systems. We provide AMC's service for all brands systems including Agni, Ravel Fire, Siemens, Bosch, Notifier, Honeywell, Simplex, Ceasefire, Morley IAS, Hochiki, Edwards EST and all national and international brand.

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