Why to choose IMPACT for your Fire & Safety Needs of your data centers!

Posted on Apr 07, 2023

Expert in Fire and Safety Solutions

Data Centers and other IT assets are an indispensable part of today’s highly engineered and more than ever connected society and business world.  Any failure of the internal data center or other IT equipment can cause a serious problem even before you know. Employees cannot work; customers can become unhappy, financial transactions can stop among other things. So this equipment should be up and running 100% all the time

As these equipment runs all day and night and generated tremendous heat, so to protect them, a comprehensive fire safety system is needed to make sure of business continuity, the lives of the employees, and minimizing the damage due to fire. Such systems make sure that it detects the fire earliest and most reliably activates the alarm system, the safety control measures, and appropriate response measures.

Why Impact Fire and Safety 

  1. We look for vulnerabilities of your premises beyond IT  infrastructure and make sure that the operation of your facility is unhindered
  2. Using backup fire suppression system. We make sure there is always a secondary fire suppression system is in place which will come into play whenever a requirement arises
  3. We always carry out the risk analysis of your premises for disaster management.
  4. We put together a recovery plan for you in whom we lay out the plan of “To-Do” things in case of fire or other disasters.  Which employees are to be put in charge of restoring the specific system and technologies.
  5. We not only make the plan on paper. We simulate the plan and run fire drills with your employees. We conduct hands-on technical tests with your employees who are tasked with restoring the system to gauge their readiness and preparedness.