Unintentionally Activated Sprinkler Can Cause Water Damages to Your Costly Equipments

Posted on Apr 02, 2023

Fire sprinklers installed in buildings surely buy time for the occupants to escape till the firefighters arrive and save lives, extinguishing fires or controlling them effectively. However, sometimes they can get activated unintentionally and can cause water damage.

fire sprinkler system

Accidental discharges of fire sprinklers typically occur due to inadvertent overheating, freezing, mechanical damage, corrosion, manufacturing, or installation defect. For many of these reasons, the facility's sprinkler maintenance vendor would be able to offer specific guidance as they are aware of the maintenance requirements and specifications related to the facility's system, including best cleaning practices.

fire sprinkler system

Fire sprinkler generally gets activated by high temperature when the liquid glass bulb gets broken or the connecting metal gets melted. Fire sprinklers don’t know the difference between "normal" sources of heat and fire.

Fire sprinkler

Controlling an activated sprinkler can be controlled by turning off the control valve to turn off the water, however, it is not the best solution because of the following reasons:-

  • Everyone is not aware of the fire sprinkler riser room or how to find the right valve.
  • Control valves are always locked
  • Closing the valve can cause the system failure 
fire sprinkler system control

That’s where the IF&S comes in. The “Full Stop” technology used by IF&S is a Fail-Safe method to prevent such things. Contact us today at 8929-980-990 or write to us at admin@impactgroup.co.in to get discuss in detail regarding this solution.

fire sprinkler system control