Know Your Fire Extinguishers | Fire Extinguisher Parts and Uses

Posted on Apr 05, 2023

Fire Extinguishers can be found in every place of business, hotels, restaurants, and manufacturing facilities. Knowing how to use them and in which extinguisher on which fire something that is not known to everyone.  Just knowing where a Fire extinguisher is kept is not going to be enough to fight the fire.  
As it is important to learn how to use fire extinguishers, it is also equally important to know the different parts of the fire extinguisher and how they work. 

Different Parts of Fire Extinguisher

There are 5 main types of fire extinguishers i.e. Water, Dry powder, Foam, Carbon Dioxide (Co2), Wet chemicals.  All of them have similar parts that are required for them to operate. 
Following is a list of spare parts of fire extinguishers that you can expect regardless of the type of extinguisher:-

  • Cylindrical Tank 
  • Valve 
  • Carry Handle 
  • Operating Lever 
  • Pull Pin 
  • Tamper Seal 
  • Pressure Gauge 
  • Discharge Hose 
  • Extinguishing Agent and Propellant

fire extinguisher parts and uses

Each of these parts has a vital role to play, and some work together to perform one main function of the extinguisher

Role and usage of each part

  • Cylindrical Tank - These are made of steel and are responsible to store the extinguishing agent along with the propellant with the correct amount of pressure.  
  • Valve –  It’s a connector between the carry handle and the operating lever. It controls the flow extinguishing agent. 
    Carry Handle – It allows carrying the fire extinguisher with easy gripping and lifting. 
  • Operating Lever – It is the releasing mechanism of the fire extinguisher by pressing or squeezing.  Safety pin or Pull pin has to be pulled out first in order for the operating lever to work. 
  • Pull Pin – it is a locking pin that is inserted into the valve portion. It is used to make sure that the fire extinguisher is not discharged accidentally either by accidental squeezing or pressing of the operating lever while transporting. 
  • Tamper Seal – It is a plastic seal to make sure that the Pull pin does not fall out accidentally.