Fire Safety Management Plan

Posted on Mar 27, 2023

This was a chance encounter where I learned a lot about human behaviour and the limitations. After a hard days’ work in an industrial area on the outskirts of Delhi city , I was going home. Flavour of pakoras and hot cup of tea was in my mind, when the thoughts were disrupted by the ringing of my mobile phone. On picking up, my manager asked me to immediately make an urgent meeting with someone by the name Mr. Gandhi in a garment export factory.

All the way I was cursing my manager for the new assignment after the work hours. However, it was demand of my profession not to miss any prospective customers.

The Beginning

On reaching Mr. Gandhi’s factory, I met an old man who was moving around anxiously in his cabin while I was sitting on a chair. Breaking the silence, he began by informing me that his company exports garments to USA and even after repeated efforts of his junior managers and factory staff his factory has not been able to clear the fire safety compliance of his buyer. His buyer has threatened to cancel all orders if the factory does not clear the fire safety inspection after the next two days.

The Problem
Without allowing a reaction by me, he began with details. He said , " Dear Vani, I am totally devasted as even after paying more than 7 vendors over the last 5 years and investing 50 lakhs INR – sometimes the auditor finds a fault with fire alarm system, next time the fire drill is not done properly other times the fire extinguisher documentation is found to be fake. Due to one or other reason, the fire safety audit is not cleared and his stores are beaming with material ready for shipment."

Then he looked up at my face as if challenging me to give a solution if I can.

The Analysis
I was also prepared and bluntly told him of his mistake of just expecting results by throwing money at anyone who approached with a business card mentioning "fire safety" on it. I made him understand that a safety compliance of a garment export factory consists of more than twenty major aspects of fire safety and can’t be completed by just spending money on buying installations of fire extinguishers, fire alarms, safety signs, fire sprinklers, fire hydrants, fire pumps, emergency evacuation maps etc.

The Solution
I made him aware of FSMP (fire safety management plan) for his building as a basic need before initiating any fire safety work in the factory. Just as it is necessary to have professional drawings ready by an architect for any a new building , it is important to have the FSMP (fire safety management plan) ready and then only execute the fire safety activity for the building.

This is the only way to control cost, have compliance ready fire safety installations and a professional company managing the regular upkeep and internal fire safety audits and trainings.

Getting interested, as soon as he asked me if I my company could take up this urgent assignment of his factory, I informed him of the complete long term FIRE SAFETY MANAGEMENT PROGRAM (FSMP) offered by IMPACT FIRE AND SAFETY APPLIANCES PVT. LTD (IF&S).

After which he stopped roaming around, sat down and offered me a glass of water before askng me for the contract papers to take up the job by IF&S. And I smelled a meeting closure indication before furthering my thoughts to pakoras and tea waiting at my home.

Fire Safety Management (Consultancy)
Humanity is the biggest gift of God". With this quote, the IMPACT group is here to provide its thoughts and services related to Fire Safety Management. The company, with its profound range of essential Fire Safety services, has gained a lot of support from its 50000+ clients across India. IMPACT Fire and Safety Appliances Pvt. Ltd. takes great care of its clients by providing quality products and aftersales services thereby.

The company, apart from providing and installing reliable Fire Safety Devices, is also engaged in diverse operations that have proved to be highly beneficial for its clients. The company promotes its unique and effective Fire Safety Management program(FSMP). It involves various procedures and some advanced planning to safeguard the premises so that the risk of loss of life, property, etc. could be minimized. The perfect execution of this plan results in negligible loss and ensures safety to the individuals present on the premises. Planning requires the utmost precision and experience that the IMPACT group undoubtedly possesses. According to some of the inexperienced players of the industry, the whole idea of Fire Safety Management is just issuing AMC to the client, giving a typical fire drill to some individuals, and fetching NOC from the Government fire administration. The experts are of the idea that Fire Safety Management is an advanced way of making arrangements in the public as well as private spaces that result in zero loss of human lives, financial losses, etc. From a successful evacuation plan to a precise fire fighting operation, Fire Safety Management is a thorough process of safeguarding against fire outbreaks.

Apart from the theoretical knowledge and stereotypical information, Fire Safety Management (FSMP) is a set of detailed instructions along with the great knowledge of practicality. Regularly maintaining your Firefighting devices and timely testing of these are greatly recommended. FSMP comprises detailed steps of evacuation during an emergency. It can be understood with the help of mock drills and training. IMPACT is a celebrated name in providing the complete package of Fire Safety Management. It takes care of all the potential risk of loss.

Another aspect of Fire Safety Management is the guidelines that an individual or an organization must follow during any renovation of a place. It ensures the safety of the frontline workers who are at maximum risk. FSMP defines the standard of quality of the equipment that is used by the workers. Fire Safety Management Plan minimizes the scope of false alarms.

Fire Safety Management has proved to be of great importance for various public places like educational institutions, shopping complexes, common public areas, medical facilities, etc. Achieve the topmost layer of Fire Safety with IMPACT group and enjoy the quality services.

Connect with IMPACT and experience the real Fire Safety Management that ensures maximum coverage to your public as well as private spaces.