Best Fire Alarm Systems! Cost vs Benefit Impact

Posted on Mar 27, 2023

This is a question that most people ask when faced with the variety of fire alarm systems available in the market. Since installing fire detection and alarm system is a critical long-term investment, the definition of "best" is normally split between the cost incurred and the benefits achieved. The fire alarm manufacturers and suppliers are bullish about promoting Intelligent Addressable systems. These are multiple times more expensive than the conventional types. Addressable types often involve high maintenance costs due to the involvement of high end software that a normally experienced technician can't handle.

On the other hand, conventional fire detection systems are economical as first-time purchase. And are easy to maintain. But have limited functionalities for the user. Conventional systems also involve very high cost of wiring and also take twice the time in installation -thus, undermining the benefits of cost as compared to Intelligent systems.

The Challenge

So the above question remains a question. Herein, we try to find out the right answer. The right answer in this matter will be different for different users based on the size of the facility and the functionalities being expected from the system. Typically, if a small-sized facility, up to 2000 square feet of area, is looking for basic fire detection functions. It could consider a conventional fire alarm system while the bigger facilities like industries, towers, residential apartments, corporate buildings, schools, hospitals, universities, shopping malls, multi-story office buildings, cinema halls, warehouses, and similar facilities should be considering an Intelligent addressable system to safeguard their premises. This comes with unlimited functionalities and better response time which is also required by the local fire authorities and government body compliance.

However, still, the above question is not fully answered as to why the smaller size facilities like home offices, independent houses, shops, showrooms, power and signal rooms in railways and transport sector should be opting for conventional fire alarm systems. As they have limitations of skilled manpower and budgets. Such facilities have no financial budgets to keep manpower for maintenance and have to outsource it to external agencies which is again not economical. Soon it is realized that the running cost of the conventional system is more than the installation cost and the owners lose interest that was there when the facility was newly built.

Best Fire Alarm Systems

The Way Out

To overcome the above challenges, IMPACT FIRE AND SAFETY APPLIANCES PVT. LTD. (IF&S) have developed a fire alarm system that they have named the “ Intelligent Conventional fire alarm Series” that overcomes the limitations of normal conventional and digital systems by offering a 2-wire system that involves minimum wiring part and less installation time. For smaller facilities like independent houses, shops, restaurants, showrooms, clinics, home offices, etc., this system is most appropriate as it involves very little installation and commissioning time and is very cost-effective than normal conventional systems or Intelligent addressable systems.

Moreover, the company IF&S substantiates it by offering a “3-year Warranty” and 3-year maintenance giving peace of mind to the buyer. So it becomes a one-time investment that is the lowest in terms of “per square feet area” covered while offering almost “zero maintenance cost” for up to three long years. Thus, giving 24-hour protection for 1095 days.

Above all, the IMPACT alarm products come with stringent quality standards of LPCB/ CE/ FM as required by consultants across the world while meeting the local fire department norms of installation across various categories of facilities.


  • 36-month Warranty
  • CE/LPCB/BIS approvals
  • Robust Compact Design
  • RS 485 compatible
  • Low Maintenance
  • Simple to use functions


Operating Voltage 220-230V/AC 50-60Hz
Operating Current 3A
Fire Relay 21-27V DC
Sounder Output 21-27V DC
Fault Relay 24V DC @1.0A
Temperature 0°C ~ +45°C
Humidity ≤95%