This is to state that we have IMPACT Fire Extinguisher installed in our premises for the last 5 years. We are satisfied with their products and services as their products have been working satisfactorily and can tackle any kind of fire. I wish all the best to M/S IMPACT SYSTEMS (India).

Lt. Mr. Arun Jaitley

Former Finance Minister of India

IMPACT ABC type Fire Extinguisher was used on a fire that involved cloth, paper, wood, fuel, and electronics. The fire was extinguished immediately and the damages were narrowed down to the maximum extent. We are satisfied with the performance of the products and services provided by M/S IMPACT SYSTEMS (India).

Lakozy Toyota

The premises of Qutab Hotel have been equipped with IMPACT Fire Extinguishers and the organization is indebted to the services of M/S IMPACT SYSTEMS (India) for the last 3 years. The IMPACT Fire Extinguisher has performed whenever we required it. The services of this company have been outstanding and the prices are reasonable too.

Manish Negi

Chief Engineer, Qutab Hotel, New Delhi

SSP Pvt. Ltd. has partnered with IMPACT group to fight against the risk of fire and has experienced the potential of ABC-type Fire Extinguisher during the demonstration. We have found the equipment highly satisfactory. We are pleased with the performance of their Fire Extinguisher and the great services provided by IMPACT.

SSP Pvt. Ltd.


We have used the services of IMPACT SYSTEMS (India) for the last 3 years. They have met all our compliance requirements of safety. Our buyers from GAP and NIKE have always been happy with our arrangements in our factories. We are thankful to Mr. Girish Arora for helping and guiding us.

Mahipal Singh

Project Manager, TCNS Limited, Noida

Automobile Association of Upper India has been associated as a client with IMPACT Fire and Safety Appliances Pvt. Ltd. as they are the best in their industry. We are thankful for the unmatched prices that they have offered to the organization.

Pradip Kr. Dey

Administrative Officer, AA Upper India, New Delhi

IMPACT Fire Extinguisher that had a capacity of 2kg was used in our premises to demonstrate how to control the fire that involves oil and corrugated sheets. Our organization is totally satisfied with the result of their equipment.

Himanshu Dagar

Atico Overseas, New Delhi

We are proud to announce that we are among the highly satisfied clients of the IMPACT group for the past 5 years. We appreciate the company and their products as IMPACT Fire Extinguishers were used to control the real fire.

Dow Agro Sciences India Pvt. Ltd.

New Delhi

The entire team of IMPACT group is an expert in the field of Fire Protection services and we are thankful for their constant support throughout these years. The company understands the actual requirements of its clients and offers its products at the best prices.

Dr. Azmat Karim

Medical Superintendent, Metro Hospital and Heart Institute

We strongly recommend IMPACT Fire and Safety Appliances for their unique capabilities of controlling varied sizes of fire. The ABC-type Fire Extinguisher which has been demonstrated by their experts in our premises and the equipment was successful in controlling the flames. Thanking the entire team of IMPACT group for standing with us for the past 4 years.

Orion Stationery Mfg. Co.

New Delhi

IMPACT Fire Extinguishers have been in place at our premises for a long time now. The product and service of IMPACT Fire and Safety Appliances Pvt. Ltd, has been exceptional throughout these years. We are thankful for their support and guidance in these years.

Anuja Mehta

Head HR, Tulip IT Services Ltd., Delhi

The team of IMPACT group has proven that IMPACT Fire Extinguisher is one of the finest available equipment that has the potential to minimize the risk of losses that can occur by fire. We are obliged to the services and products that are provided by them during the last 3 years.

Mathai Joseph

General Manager, PRIA GROUP, New Delhi

IMPACT Fire Extinguishers have been installed in our space for more than 1 year and have effectively worked whenever they were required. We are happy with the product and service of IMPACT group.

Rama Krishna

Director, Bakers Pvt. Ltd., Kanpur

We are satisfied with the purchase of Type A/B/C Nitrogen filled Fire Extinguishers from IMPACT Systems. These Fire Extinguishers helped us to control the major fire that took place in the Electric Sub-Station of our society. We thank their entire team for the quality product and the unmatched after-sales services.

Rajeev Bhalla

Secretary, Satpura Residents Welfare Association, Ghaziabad

Our organization has been a proud customer of IMPACT Fire and Safety Appliances for more than 5 years now. Their equipment proved to be effective and efficient during the fire safety training program that took place on our office premises. The theoretical and practical guidance given by their experts was excellent and knowledgeable. Wishing good luck to the entire team of IMPACT Group.

Deepak Kashyap

Sr. Admin. Coordinator, Udayan Care, New Delhi

The highly effective safety equipment provided by IMPACT Group has proved their reliability. IMPACT Fire Extinguishers have been equipped in our office spaces. We have found the entire range of IMPACT products satisfactory as well as cost-effective.

K.G Gupta

Manager, Social and Safety Compliance, Viraj Exports Pvt. Ltd., Delhi