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Safety Signs are a must for ensuring our safety which is of prime importance to all of us. These signs can be of any durable material  raw material (according to the need of the user) but the colors and designs are an international standard Safety signage’s can be of glow(photo luminescent type ) ,direct supply based or battery backed for their working. Certain most necessary types used in emergency (when power failure or lack of light could be anticipated as during fire, earthquake, flood, cyclone, terrorist strike, war etc.) need to be generally photo luminescent type. These signs include Exit, Caution, Danger, prohibition, Fire, electric hazard, danger, warning, prohibition, building safety, construction safety, way finding, emergency evacuation map, parking and similar signs or symbols. Other safety sign could be of non glow or non self illuminating type. Fixing of safety signage’s in an occupancy is done according to the need of the premises including the usage, age and gender of occupants, existing hazards, expected hazards and the layout of the facility. There may some very specific signs required according to the government regulations from place to place. IS0 7010 and ISO 3864 are the general standards used across the world for deciding the shape, size, color and pictogram (design) of the safety’s sign.
IMPACT Fire (IF&S) offers safety signs and customized signs of all three varieties as given below.
NIGHT GLOW SIGNS – IMPACT signs use the best quality weatherproof photo luminescent glow and other raw materials, vinyl’s, inks and colors for making the signs. Customers can send their customized designs also. 

DANGER SIGNS BUILDING SIGNS road sign workplace children sign


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