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Nitrogen is a colorless inert gas abundant in the atmosphere which finds its usage as fire extinguishing agent. The discharge of nitrogen gas into the facility does not cause any inconvenience to occupants during Exit as no condensation in the air takes place on discharge. The Nitrogen discharge reduces the oxygen concentration in the room to below 15% which is cut-off point for continuous combustion to continue the fire.

IMPACT Nitrogen fire protection systems are based on intelligent, quick response and reliable fire suppression electronic control panels to quickly sense a fire before it can cause damage to life and property. It ensure negligible clean up costs and downtime associated with conventional water sprinkler and automatic powder based fire suppression systems.
 IMPACT Nitrogen system is the most environment friendly fire suppression system as it uses naturally available abundant Nitrogen gas. Also it has zero ODP and zero global warming potential.
IMPACT Nitrogen system is excellent to protect critical infrastructure containing sensitive equipments like computer server rooms, laboratories, stores, warehouses, electrical panel rooms, transformers, telecommunication facilities, kitchens, frozen food storages, art galleries, museums, IT infrastructure, Medical treatment rooms, cable rooms, engine and generator rooms and other areas.



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