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Water has been used for fire fighting since ages  It is one of best ways for putting of fires of solid materials like wood, paper, cloth etc.
IMPACT Water type Fire Extinguishers use the power of water with stored pressure technology to cool down the fires of class A type. These fires could get dangerously out of control without water in places like Paper and furniture godowns, cloth stores etc. 

Available in 9 litre capacity.

"IMPACT" Water type Fire Extinguisher

Other  extra

Cylinder bodies available with internal rubberized coating to prevent any damage to the cylinder body due to rusting.

Not available

GLOW-IN-DARK feature ensures visibility and usage of extr. in emergency (most fires start from electrical short circuit during which their will be po
wer failure reducing the visibility to almost zero).

Glow feature not present.

 Uses chemical that is treated with anti rusting formula to reduce damage due to water inside the cylinder,


Not available

Uses EPR (extra pressure release) facility to avoid damage to cylinder body in case it falls in fire.                                                   

Doesnot use this technology.

Have longer shelf life

Less shelf life due to inferior quality and cheap raw material used.

Gross Weight 14.8 Kg
Empty Weight 5.8 Kg
Can Height 615 MM
Diameter 175 MM
Discharge time Min 13  Secs, 
Discharge Mechanism Controllable 
Range Minimum 2 Meters
Applicable on Class A Fire
Rating 3A
Can Construction Deep drawn & CO2 Mig welded
Valve Construction Forging & Machining
Coating of Can   Epoxy Powder coating
Sheet metal thickness  2.00MM
Certification CE Approved
Warranty 1 Year


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