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(Available capacities:   6.8 kg, 9.0 kg, 22.5 kg, 45 kg)
IMPACT fire provides CO2 type fire extinguisher in higher capacities for high risk occupancies like Electrical Panel rooms, Generator rooms, Oil storages, Transformer rooms etc. These Extinguishers are trolley mounted with two, three or four wheels. They are provided with easy to use carriages and accessories.
There are several limitations like high price of fire extinguishers and fire safety equipment that prevent an individual or an organization to fulfill the fire safety needs of their premises. In such case getting ready High impact fires is important. IMPACT Carbon dioxide trolley mounted fire
Extinguishers are just ready for everyone.

Product Features 
Approved Cylinders: IMPACT uses high pressure cylinders and valves that are certified by Explosive department of the Government of India as life safety of the user is the prime concern at all times while using or handling CO2 gas fire extinguishers.

Compatibility:  Safe for use on sensitive equipment.

Extra Pressure Release Feature: IMPACT Carbondioxide type fire extinguishers have valves with mechanism of safe release of gas pressure developed during an accident or varied weather conditions.

Shock proof:  The parts of extinguisher that comes in contact with human body use non conducting plastics for safety of user while using on electrically started fires.

Easy snap safety seal:  A completely tamper-proof safety seal that can be broken in seconds is provided on all IMPACT squeeze grip CO2 fire extinguishers.

5 year Warranty:  The 5 year Warranty on all IMPACT CO2 fire extinguisher cylinders and parts means long term benefits in terms of reduced maintenance cost.

High Pressure hosepipe:  Superior grade Hose is used with electrically Safe discharge horn for higher spray range of the CO2 gas.


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