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FIRE SAFETY MANAGEMENT is not a part of any curriculum or corporate trainings in true sense. The definition and meaning of this term might be difficult to find by on Google search also.   “Fire Safety management”  is currently  Focused upon refilling of fire extinguishers,  issuing AMC to a vendor, giving a fire drill to a small set of occupants or maintenance staff—everything to do with getting NOC from the local fire authorities.
Whereas “Fire Safety Management” of a particular premise is much more than above. It is indispensable planning to save the life and property of each and every occupant of a premise with a target of 100% execution of this plan. Even a minor miss in execution can be fatal for the wellbeing of occupants and destructive to the premise infrastructure. 
Fire safety management is one of the most important aspects of a building. It is related directly to the life and livelihood of various stakeholders including the builders, owners, employees, residents, caretakers and the visitors. It is very difficult to ascertain the amount of losses that a fire accident could cause to humanity.
To achieve above for a premise is not an easy task considering all the limitations of finance, physical limitation of the building, decision making process, limited capabilities of fire safety team and many similar reasons.
Hence, the complete plan has to be made considering all the limitations. But ensuring cent percent execution of this plan in case of fire Emergency is definitely an achievable task for the fire safety manager or fire safety planner.
Above needs all the knowledge, experience and intentions that is normally not available at a place. In spite of putting heavy budgets the plan may fail in case of fire emergency and the plan might succeed without any fire safety budget because it is not the budget that will do the Fire fighting but the skill and managerial capability of the entire team assigned with the task.
In order to carry out our responsibilities correctly, it is important to ensure that there is a fire safety management plan for the building. This would include issues such as:

 *   maintenance and testing requirements for fire safety equipment

We provide the complete Fire Safety Management of an existing building, plant or Be it a city by taking all aspects of fire safety into consideration starting from a fire
Safety audit, maintaining the existing fire safety systems, giving suggestions to the Client, regularly submitting reports and keeping everyone ready to protect life and investments from fire, god forbid it may strike anytime!
We ensure that not only our client gets the best in fire safety but also ensure that It is done within the client’s budget. 
Very often the “Fire Safety Management” is taken as same as “Annual Maintenance contract (AMC) but these are very much different from each other while the first one should give peace of mind to the customer the second one should give headaches as the responsibility of the “Maintenance vendor” is added on to client’s existing responsibility of managing the fire safety of his premises. 
IMPACT team regularly meets above challenging situations and is capable of managing the complete fire safety of buildings, schools, Malls, events and other occupancies with or without having any specific fire safety budgets. 
IMPACT team is ready to provide its fire safety services from the planning stage of any building project to the lifelong fire safety maintenance of an existing permanent or temporary occupancy. This is achieved by having access to the latest means of technology, experienced manpower and fire safety infrastructure to take care of the particular assignment.
IMPACT fire starts from the fire safety audit of the facility taking stock of the limitations of the particular project. Such limitations are then either removed or alternative plans made to manage fire emergency successfully within those limitations. Required cooperation is requested from the occupants and the project managers without which the task is not possible to achieve as fire safety is team job.

  If you are not confident of existing fire safety in your building ?


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