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There may be many positives to the market competition in India. But fire safety has lost its battle to the increased market competition and the emergence of very small players who are ready to go to any extent to achieve their bread and butter. Be it fake promises or risking the life and property of human beings – they don’t think twice before providing substandard quality of products and services. “Fire Extinguisher Refilling” is one grey area where bad quality is rampant due to the fierce market competition (mainly consisting of vendors  who just have visiting cards and smiling faces to show) and the greediness of the fire safety purchaser. Even when the purchaser is well aware within about the cheap quality,  he readily gives his consent to poor quality – leaving everything to the almighty.

The same above person who has left everything to god just to save a few bucks then blames god for his inability to protect the life and property when the fire emergency strikes.

IMPACT fire offers only good quality of fire fighting chemical refills and very reliable post supply services including free installations, Free checkups and also free fire extinguisher refilling for those who really can’t afford to take care of themselves.

IMPACT fire highly recommend to all to convince themselves of the vendor’s capabilities by checking the experience, certifications and the infrastructure of the vendor and control their urge to buy the “cheapest” from the market. This tendency of the Indian buyer to buy the cheapest product/service and feel the happiest about this achievement has made many spurious product suppliers go laughing to the banks – laughing at the customer’s short sightedness. Savings by putting the lives at risk of death can’t be justified by even the most smart and learned people on earth.

IMPACT fire has the fire extinguisher refilling facility which is approved by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), Government of India.  We have provision for refilling any brand, any size, and any type of fire extinguishers.  Both stored pressure type (ABC type, DCP type, Foam type, Water type, clean agent gas type, Carbon dioxide type) and cartridge type fire extinguishers (Water type, DCP type, Foam type) are refilled by us.  
We use genuine quality chemicals and ISO standard quality procedures while providing the Fire extinguisher refilling. All the effort is made to provide IMPACT standby fire extinguishers at the facility of the customer before we pick up their fire extinguishers for refilling. Any discolored, damaged, old fire extinguishers are taken special care of. Such fire extinguishers are made to follow more stringent criterion and hydraulic testing before they are refilled, tested and returned back to the user.


An Alert for the customers in India :


“Fire Extinguishers are being filled, refilled with everything including flour, chalk powder, salt, fine dust – except FIRE FIGHTING CHEMICALS.
Above Malpractice could be affecting 80% of the Industry – Meaning India is at Risk unless we all shake up !
  The reasons for above situation could be many including the concept of:

“lowest price buying = Most Smart buying”

Which  is being very well promoted in the Indian market drawing inspiration from the Indian mindset .  To give an example  is the everyday  case of “Saas Bahu” wherein” saas” asking her “bahu” about the cost at which she bought the mangoes .. Then boasting that she bought it cheaper by 5 rupees. This has resulted in a situation wherein everyone wants to buy everything at the lowest price.
Even in government or corporate buying – the lowest bid gets business but without realizing the real cost that will have to be paid by losing lives, investments and  happiness of living ones who survive the fire incident or left behind family members of the victims of  fire accident.


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