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Fire Extinguisher Refills

Choose your Fire Safety and Protection partner with great precision as this industry has seen the emergence of numerous players who are not capable to understand the special need of the customers.

IMPACT is a renowned name in the Fire Safety industry for many years now and comprises of highly skilled professionals. Our team of experts is capable enough to take into account the diverse needs of people and recommend the best possible fire safety solution in an efficient manner.

Among its wide scope of services, the IMPACT group provides services of fire Extinguisher Refill. These refills are necessary when the Fire Extinguishers are found to be faulty or non-operational. One must be aware of the loss of life and property that may happen when one chooses to go for the unreliable players of the market.

A large number of people prioritize the financial aspect instead of focusing on the quality of the product. They are very much likely to save a little amount and end up with unreliable firefighting equipment on their premises and later pay with loss of life and money. It has become vital to understand the need of buying genuine and quality products in order to make your spaces safer. IMPACT group offers genuine Fire Extinguishers and quality refills. The refilling unit of IMPACT Fire and Safety Appliances Pvt. Ltd. is highly equipped and is approved by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). Thus, the company has a genuine authority of providing reliable and cost-effective refills of the Fire Extinguishers.

IMPACT Fire Extinguisher Refills are authentic and come in varied sizes and types. We make provisions of Fire Extinguisher Refills of both stored pressure type (ABC, DCP, Foam, Water, Carbon Dioxide, Clean agent gas type) as well as Cartridge type fire extinguishers (Water, DCP, Foam). These products of IMPACT group are of international level along with ISO standard quality procedures.

There are rising cases of fraud and foul play in this dynamic industry of Fire & Safety Equipment. People end up buying bogus Fire Extinguisher that is filled with nothing but salt, flour, dust, chalk powder. These kinds of products look reliable to the customers until their time of operation comes. IMPACT is here to spread awareness among the population of India and wants to guide about the potential thefts that are very much prone in modern times.

Connect with IMPACT and get your hands on the most efficient and effective Fire Extinguisher Refills in the market. The company also offer product test prior to the installation so give us a call to get started!


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