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Clean Agent Fire Extinguishers are available in sizes of 1kg, 2kg, 4 kg, 6 kg and 9 kg. 
They are the ideal solution for all kind of fires in the most sensitive of areas like server rooms, electrical panel rooms, kitchens, aircrafts, offices, restaurants etc. IMPACT Clean Agent extinguisher uses environmentally friendly hexafluoropropane (hfc236fa) fire fighting chemical with zero ozone depleting potential (ODP).

"IMPACT" Clean Agent Fire Extinguisher

Other  extra

Also available in latest standard Aluminium cylinder body that is lightweight and easy to handle in emergency. The weight of a standard Aluminium body is less than half the weight of a normally available carbon steel cylinder body.

Available in heavy carbon steel only.

GLOW-IN-DARK feature ensures visibility and usage
Of extra in emergency (most fires start from electrical short circuit during which their will be power failure reducing the visibility to almost zero).

Glow feature not present.

Uses  the latest hfc236fa Clean agent chemical . This FE 36 type (hexafluoropropane) Clean agent Chemical is zero ODP and is Safe to use on critical electronic hardware, computer servers, food,
Aircrafts etc.

Uses lower grade chemical that is less powerful and
leads to more post fire damage.

6 YEAR WARRANTY. Due to EPR & moisture free chemical.

No confirmed data available

Most ECONOMICAL product in market due to "0"  maintenance cost for 6 yrs.

Expensive due to less warranty period and high maintenance factors.


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