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 active mono ammonium phosphate based multipurpose ABC type Fire Extinguishers is available in various grades of quality.  The proprietory GLOBAL 92 SERIES uses the MAP 92 % grade ABC powder which is not used by any other manufacturer in India. This product comes with unique EPR feature to enable the safety of fire extinguisher from high pressure in varied climate and industry conditions.

"IMPACT" global 92 Other ABC extr
Only fire extr in market with EPR (extra pressure release
Technology) that is must for safety and long life of extr.
No EPR means less reliability and shorter
shelf life.
GLOW-IN-DARK feature ensures visibility and usage
Of extr. in emergency (most fires start from electrical short circuit during which their will be power failure reducing the visibility to almost zero).
Glow feature not present.
Uses  ABC pdr (MAP 92) that is 4 times more effective than normal ABC (also undergoes double silionization to reduce any post fire damage to equipment). Uses lower grade chemical that is less powerful and
leads to more post fire damage.
6 YEAR WARRANTY. Due to EPR & MAP 92%. 1-2 years warranty only.
Most ECONOMICAL product in market due to "0"  maintenance cost for 6 yrs. Expensive due to regular maintenance.


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